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Protective Packaging - Cushioning, Foam & Void Fill

Sealed Air's sustainable solutions from Direct Solutions Direct Solutions uses and recommends, Sealed Air's cushioning, foam and void fill products for all your package cushioning and void filling needs. World Class Manufacturing practices include comprehensive environmental programs to reduce waste quantities, energy usage, water usage, and emissions.

Many of their materials, such as TigerPad®paper, Korrvu®packaging or Jiffy®padded mailers, can be recycled curbside. Other materials, such as Bubble Wrap®cushioning, Fill-Air®packaging or Instapak®foam, can be returned to Sealed Air locations. If disposed, products like Fill-Air®packaging deflate and lose 99.3% of their volume.

Inflatable Cushioning

By inflating on-site, inflatable cushioning frees up valuable warehouse space and decreases transportation costs. High-efficiency, performance cushioning material reduces damage. Film strength and superior air retention promote reusability.

Air Cellular Cushioning

Our high-performance Bubble Wrap®Brand air cellular material is manufactured with a Barrier Bubble®layer that retains air and maintains its cushioning performance. This makes it highly reusable, greatly reducing the amount of packaging material that enters the waste stream.


Instapak®foam requires less cushioning material in each pack, reducing package size and weight. By expanding on-site as much as 200 times, it reduces the number of trucks needed for distribution. Material can also be returned to any Sealed Air location. In those communities where municipal Waste-To- Energy (WTE) incineration facilities are available, Instapak®provides a positive waste-to-combustion contribution.


Cell-Aire®polyethylene foam provides superior protection, allowing for fewer wraps or for the use of thinner material. Cell-Aire®is made of recyclable, low-density polyethylene that generates a clean, high-energy material for conversion into energy.

Inflatable Void Fill

Fill Air®Inflatable void fill products expand on-site. A cubic foot of inflated cells, when deflated, loses 99.3% of its volume. The deflated cells can be sent to any of a number of Sealed Air locations to be recycled into LDPE.
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